The world's first economic game with DAILY dividends!
Welcome to the economic game in which you can earn TRX by buying robots! You will receive free ALPHA tokens for each purchase in the game! Tokens will be used to receive dividends EVERY DAY, as well as in subsequent projects. We also have another nice feature - the prize fund, which is received by the person who was the last investor for two hours. After the player receives the prize fund, the fund begins to accumulate again.
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Earning income
In the game, you can earn income from buying robots, from referrals, from freezing and selling tokens. All income, except income from robots, is withdrawn automatically. To get income from robots, click the button below.
Note that you can get profit every 3 seconds!
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Prize fund
To receive the prize fund, you need to be the last investor for at least 2400 blocks (2 hours), after which you need to click Get prize fund.
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Invite people to your factory (5%):
You need to register or buy at least one robot to invite referrals
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When buying a robot or upgrading your factory, you automatically receive the accrued interest on the wallet
Payments to players are as long as there is funds on the balance of the contract. No one guarantees you profit in this game.
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The game has not started yet, but you can already invite referrals to the game!